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The Story of CNB
Passion, know-how and commitment

When the golden-black hull of the Mari-Cha II was launched into the Garonne for the first time in 1989, Dieter Gust and Olivier Lafourcade – the founders of CNB -had won their bet! Two years earlier, the renowned yacht architect German Frers had entrusted the two passionate sailors with the construction of the 92-foot-long yacht. Impeccable metalworking, profound knowledge of the system, perfect joinery… the foundations for Construction Navale Bordeaux had been laid! For 35 years now, the yard has been constantly evolving without ever losing sight of its basic principles: Modern elegance, outstanding quality, excellent sailing performance!

Names such as HAMILTON II, GRAND BLEU VINTAGE and CHRISCO have become synonymous with elegance and perfection in the demanding world of superyachts and have earned CNB numerous awards!
MARI-CHA II, die erste bei CNB gebaute Superyacht!
MARI-CHA II, the first superyacht built by CNB!
Since 2008, CNB has been very successfully building semi-custom yachts, consistently utilizing the experience from mega-yachts. The target of this product line is building very functionally safe, high-quality and fast yachts, that fulfill the demands of a small crew regarding both nautical as well as technical requirements.
This concept together with the outstanding cost/performance ratio led to the CNB 76 being the most successful yacht ever built in this market segment. The CNB 66, the third model in this series, continued this philosophy and - incidentally - impressed with its sensational looks!

In more than 35 years, a total of more than 100 CNB yachts have been launched. Our greatest pride is the fact that we have always been able to build a long-term relationship with the owners of our yachts, based on trust and personalized support!
CNB 78 #1
CNB 78, Photo © Nicolas Claris)
Since 2021, CNB-YACHTS has been managed by the renowned SOLARIS Group, which has massively strengthened its commitment to the upscale blue water yacht segment from 60 to 90 feet with the acquisition of CNB-YACHTS. It is no coincidence that the values of SOLARIS fit perfectly with the DNA of CNB-YACHTS and can be seen in the fantastic build quality of the new CNB 78 - the first CNB developed and built under the SOLARIS direction!
CNB 76 Malaika "Ice dream"
30 years of CNB Yachts
Making of Chrisco
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