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We designed the hull with the triple objective of increasing the CNB 66’s volume, performance and seaworthiness. It will be capable of sailing far afield, while still able to be handled by a couple
Philippe Briand, Naval Architect der CNB 66

The amazing success of the CNB 76 (up until now, 28 have been sold!) inevitably led to the development of a smaller sister, the CNB 66!
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CNB 76 Logo
The goal was to build a yacht that combines the French “savoir-vivre” with the typical CNB attributes. A boat which unites French elegance and balance with seaworthiness, safety, quality and comfort!
Jean-Marc Piaton, interior architect of the CNB 76

The development of the CNB 76 marked the beginning of a new generation of deckhouse-yachts , that revolutionized the relationship between space and sea! Who would expect such a big salon behind the flowing silhouette of this yacht, boasting a perfect view outside with a standing height of over 2 meters throughout the whole room?
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