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CNB 76
The goal was to build a yacht that combines the French “savoir-vivre” with the typical CNB attributes. A boat which unites French elegance and balance with seaworthiness, safety, quality and comfort!
Jean-Marc Piaton, interior architect of the CNB 76

The development of the CNB 76 marked the beginning of a new generation of deckhouse-yachts , that revolutionized the relationship between space and sea! Who would expect such a big salon behind the flowing silhouette of this yacht, boasting a perfect view outside with a standing height of over 2 meters throughout the whole room?

Philippe Briand took use of all his acquired know-how about super-yachts and created a yacht with perfect proportions and great performance. Great tare was taken to ensure that the boat could be sailed by a small crew. There is enough space to potentially house a professional crew pair comfortably, yet separately from the owner and their guests. The owner inhabits a veritable suite in the forecastle , followed by two big guest cabins midships, each including their own bathroom. A separate entrance to the kitchen and the crew quarters ensures that everyone has the maximum possible level of privacy. This concept continues in the exterior, where the working areas are consistently separated from the living cockpit  .

The huge garage can accommodate a 3.85 m long dinghy including a powerful engine in no time at all - a feature otherwise only known from yachts beyond the 90 foot mark! And this is exactly what a CNB 76 is supposed to be: a handy superyacht with all the airs and graces that are typical of a large yacht!

It is therefore not surprising that the CNB 76 has already been sold incredible 32 times! This makes her the most successful yacht since ever in this category worldwide!

Philippe Briand
Interior design:
Jean-Marc Piaton und Rafael Bonet
23,17 m
6,10 m
3,00 m
Clearance height:
33,97 m
Upwind sail area:
304 qm
Tender garage:
3,90 m
Fuel capacity:
2500 Liter
Water capacity:
1500 Liter

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CNB 76 "Malaika"

You can encounter a CNB 76 practically on all the world’s oceans! Accompany the German owner of the CNB 76 MALAIKA and his wife on their impressive cruises from the Mediterranean to Spitzbergen, from the Caribbean to Alaska!

More information can be found at

Marc Renwick, long-time CNB employee and skipper reports in his blog about his 6-month practical seatrail with the CNB 76 number 1!

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