• PREMIER 45’ High-Performance-Cruiser

    The entire know-how and quality is to be found in the all-new Premier 45. Being designed by Botin/Carkeek, the P45 sports a perfect symbiosis of modern design, uncompromising grand prix performance and unrestrained cruising comfort. With the wide beam and the relatively narrow water line in the aft-section, the P45 clearly shows its Grand-Prix genes; as most of the design features found on board the P45 have previously been tested in the TP52 class, which, in bigboat racing, is still a class of its own.

    However, regardless of its heritage, the P45 is first and foremost a cruising yacht.


    This can be seen not only in the uncompromising interior layout and other well thought-out design features, but above all in the lifting-keel setup. It enables the P45 to fully enjoy the benefits of a high righting moment without being compromised by the corresponding depth, a crucial criterion for cruising sailors. The lifting keel setup is a unique feature in the class of high performance luxury cruisers, which again showcases the capacity and know-how of the builder, PCT. Furthermore, the P45 stands alone in its class when it comes to sailing performance. Where others try to convince with superficial gizmos and false promises, the P45 delivers spectacular sailing that you normally wouldn’t expect from a yacht of this (cruising) type.


    As for the building process, the structure of both hull and deck are entirely made from carbon fibre. All parts necessary for building the yacht are produced by a 5-axis CNC milling machine delivering unseen quality, precision and finish. This way of construction is derived from PCTs architectural background, an industry that doesn’t allow for inaccuracies or errors to occur during the construction process. The P45 benefits from this heritage. When the yacht is fully equipped and ready to sail, it only weighs around nine tons. Having in mind that this contains a complete cruising interior, one can easily see why the P45 has an edge over its opponents right from when it leaves the shed.


    Equipped with a generous sail plan that comes with a high quality carbon fibre mast, the P45 is anything but shy when it comes down to sailing performance. Still, thanks to the consequent lightweight construction and since it is conceptualized as a cruising yacht, the helmsman and crew always remain in full control over the P45, no matter how fast it goes. As the P45 only needs very little breeze to entirely access its performance, the net time spent on the water sailing instead of motoring increases significantly.


    Since the design brief was to enable all kinds of sailors to enjoy a fast and simple yacht, the P45 can be ordered with all kinds of useful tools. Be it an electric winch package, furling headsails, or an autopilot steering, the P45 will be a pleasure to sail for short and even singlehanded crews. No matter if up- or downwind, whether in- or offshore, breezy or calm: The P45 remains a reliable yacht in all kinds of conditions, delivering fast but safe voyages for those who sail it.


    When it comes to the interior layout, the P45 remains a class of its own. Those who may have thought of a bare-naked hole below decks to enable the yacht to go as fast as it does will be disappointed. Being designed by the renowned Norwegian design bureau “Snohetta”, the P45 consequently presents itself below decks as a one of a kind luxury cruiser apart from the norm. The spacey interior provides accommodation and sleeping space for up to seven persons. LED light bands deliver a spectacular ambience while the Corian-made pantry fits perfectly to the inviting overall impression.


    So, no matter what you are up to – be it delightful day-sailing, an extensive cruising trip or to participate in a long distance offshore race: The Premier 45 is the perfect companion for whatever kind of sailing you might enjoy.


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  • Pictures Premier 45 "STIG"

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  • Technical Data


    -  Length over all

    -  Length waterline

    -  Beam max.

    -  Depth

    -  Depths lifting keel (optional)

    -  Displacement (LD)

    -  Ballast



    -  Mainsail

    -  Headsail

    -  Asym. Kite



    13,72 m

    12,94 m

    4,15 m

    2,75 m

    2,75 m / 1,83 m

    8043 kg

    3340 kg



    69,8 m2

    50,6 m2

    190 m2