• JV 74 - Designed for Performance!

    PCT to build new high performance cruiser the Premier JV74, designed by Judel Vrolijk & Co. The narrative for this beautiful yacht, has evolved over a number of years, with valuable input from, Premier Composite Technologies, German yacht specialist Arno Kronenberg and Judel Vrolijk & Co, designers. The sleek, racing lines and profile combine with the powerful hull form, to ensure this yacht looks beautiful both in the harbour and whilst out sailing.  In all, she is a stunning yacht with masses of power, a variable draft and beautifully appointed accommodation.


    Designed for performance


    In this instance, Judel-Vrolijk & Co has designed a high performance cruising yacht, by blending together racing yacht design and technology, with ultimate comfort, performance and safety.  The key to the high performance, is in the exceptionally light 25.5 tonnes displacement, modern hull shape, deep draft and the 31.5 m high aspect carbon-fibre rig, which powers the boat.  Weighing in at approximately half the weight of comparable boats, the JV74 has more horsepower, per metre than almost any other boat.


    The Premier JV74 has been designed with two sailplans: cruising and racing.  In race mode the boat carries a generous square-head mainsail of 174 m sq, while in cruising mode the fully battened main is only 146 m sq.  In a similar vein the foresails can be setup for either shorthanded cruising, with powered furling on both foresails, or with a twin slotted headstay system for added aerodynamics and performance, which means the boat can be sailed as fast or as leisurely as required.


    With production of this vessel now under way, it will not be long before this beautiful yacht is capturing people’s attention on turquoise waters.

  • Technical Data

    -  Length over all

    -  Length waterline

    -  Beam max.

    -  Depth

    -  Depths lifting keel (optional)

    -  Displacement (LD)

    -  Ballast


    -  I

    -  P

    -  E

    -  J

    Sail area

    -  for sail

    -  main sail

    24,40 m

    21,00 m

    5,56 m

    4,90 m

    3,20 m

    ca. 25,5 t mlcc

    10,5 t

    28,65 m

    26,25 m

    9,55 m

    8,20 m

    125 m2 (Racing) | 125 m2 (Cruising)

    174 m2 (Racing) | 146 m2 (Cruising)